Free Comic Book and Toy Collection for One Lucky Supporter!

Who Wants a Free Comic Book and Toy Collection?

You might have heard the rumors, and it’s all true! I am giving away my entire comic book and toy collection. I attempted this a few months back, but the logistics didn’t work out and we had to reorganize and simplify it. 

I have over 70 boxes of comic books that includes key first appearances, autographed books, rare hard to find gems and so much more. My collection also includes my original Star Wars and GI Joe toys as well as my more recent Marvel Legends collection. Check the photos and follow me on social media for daily updates of what is included in the collection. This is a very personal collection and I hope it ends up in the hands of someone who will cherish them. Follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for updates. 

Why Are You Doing This?

I started collecting comic books when I was 6-years-old, and now at the ripe old age of 47, I find that I have run out of space and I am also in need of income to help fund more personal projects. including my multi-award-winning Punk Taco graphic novel series that I created with my son. I am currently working on Punk Taco 2 and 3 as well as a new original graphic novel and I need to raise money to finish them all. Beyond that I am looking to downsize and declutter. So, while I love my collection and it means the world to me, I am more passionate about my personal creations and getting them out into the world.

How do I enter?


For every $1 you spend in my online store, I will submit your name into the drawing. Spend $1 and your name gets submitted once, buy something worth $100, and your name will be submitted 100 times.  Easy right?

The following are quick links to cool items in my store at all different price points. Click on specific links or just browse the store freely. There are several pages and I am updating new items every day. 

Comic Books/Graphic Novels and Related Merch

  1. Punk Taco Volume 1 PDF Digital Download – $5
  2. Punk Taco Limited Edition Enamel Pin – $10
  3. Punk Taco Volume 1 (autographed) – $25
  4. Punk Taco Volume 2 (Autographed Pre-Order) – $25


  1. ILLUS Feel Good Music signed cd – $10
  2. ILLUS and DJ Johnny Juice KaBOOM signed cd – $10
  3. ILLUS For Adam signed cd – $10
  4. ILLUS and ICBM Behind the Mask signed cd – $12
  5. ILLUS A Perfectly Imperfect Beautiful Naked Creation signed cd – $12
  6. ILLUS- Complete Album Discography –  $24 (Click on any album and scroll down to Buy Discography)
  7. ILLUS and DJ Johnny Juice KaBOOM signed cd with Original Drawing – $25
  8. ILLUS Who’s ILLUS? Limited Edition 12inch Vinyl LP with Original Art – $100
  9. ILLUS Who’s ILLUS? Limited Edition 12inch Vinyl LP with Original Mandalorian/Grogu Art – $100
  10. ILLUS Who’s ILLUS? Limited Edition 12inch Vinyl LP with Original Spider-Man Art – $100

Books I Illustrated for Other publishers (All Books Come Autographed)

  1. Almost Infamous$10
  2. The I in Evil$12
  3. The Supervillain Field Manual$15
  4. The Art of Zombie Warfare$15

Original Art

  1. The Philosopher – $50
  2. Mercy – $50
  3. Boats – $200
  4. Original Art Commission $400
  5. J.J. Brown Connect the Dots Original Original Art for Interior CD Booklet – $250
  6. Spider-Man (HipHop NYC) – $1,500
  7. Lloyd Price I’m Feeling Good Original Album Art – $10,000
  8. Public Enemy Comic Book Issue #0 Original Cover Art (Autographed by Chuck D) – $50,000

Can I enter more than once?

Sure! You can purchase multiple items. For every $1 you spend, your name is added to the drawing, whether that’s 1 item or multiple items. 

What If We Participated in the Original Drawing?

If you participated in the original drawing and purchased a copy of my discography, I will include your name in the drawing automatically. For those that bought raffles, your money was refunded already.

When Will You Pick a Winner?

May 19th, 2022

What happens if I win?

If you are the winner, you can choose to hire a professional delivery service and I will help with the packing on my end to make sure everything is secure. Or you can rent a truck and I will personally drive the books to your house and help you unload them and talk comic books and toys with you until we are done. Either way, we’ll get you the comics and toys.

Follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for updates. 

Here are a few boxes of comics you will be getting. There are a lot more!

Only available in the Continental U.S. Unless you want to pay high International shipping fees.


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