“The I in Evil” Autographed Hardcover

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Add this incredible monster book to your collection of illustrated novels by Adam Wallenta. All books are autographed by Adam Wallenta

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Written by Fangoria’s Ken W. Hanley

That’s right; Fangoria Magazine’s Ken Hanley has devoted his life of uplifting the spirits and changing the lives of monsters across this great nation of ours. Vampires, Mummies, Wolfmen, Gillmen and Monsters (Frankenstein’s or Otherwise) will finally be able to step out of the shadows after reading The I in Evil and be the social, conscientious citizens without the psycho-and-sociological issues that plague mankind every day.

By reading Hanley’s well-versed answers to the questions that has cursed these wicked creatures for eons, monsters* around the world will be able to accept and embrace their nature for good instead of evil. Whether you’re tied down by the expectations of your mystic elders or taken prisoner by your never-ending bloodlust, Hanley is here to help you solve your problems the power of positivity and self-confidence. So the next time you’re about to sink your teeth into someone’s neck, pick up this book instead and remember that you can’t spell “evil” without the “I”.

*The I in Evil is not meant for humans. This book contains dark, horrifying truths and the author relinquishes any and all responsibility for any actions taken against monsters or themselves as a result of this book.


“The I in Evil is a satirical self-help book full of humorous advice for monsters and their daily dilemmas with chapters such as “Unwrapping the Mummy,” “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Gill-Man,” and “So You’re Dead; Now What?” Those with a wicked sense of humor and an affinity for fantasy and horror will not be disappointed—it’s ghoulishly fun.” —

About the Author
is the Web Editor for Fangoria, as well as the former Web Editor for Diabolique Magazine and a contributing writer to He’s a graduate from Montclair State University, where he received an award for Excellence in Screenwriting. He currently lives in Sussex, New Jersey.


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