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Winner of the 2019 RINGO AWARD for “Best Kids Comic or Graphic Novel”

Winner of the 2019 KIDS COMICS AWARD for “Keeping it Unreal. Best Sci-Fi or Fantasy Book”

Written by Adam and Makana Wallenta
Art by Adam Wallenta, Makana Wallenta, Gabriel Mayorga, Lea Jean Badellas

8×12 Hardcover, Full-Color

If you love “Tiny Titans”, “Adventure Time”, “Owly”,  “Dogman” and comics for all-ages you will LOVE this book.

Punk Taco is series of a whimsical sci-fi action-adventure graphic novels about a lovable sentient space-taco and his inter-galactic band of misfits who rock out across the galaxy spreading peace and love though their music and art. In the first volume, Punk Taco meets a young refugee that has escaped from Galactic Border Agents and is on the run. The two become friends and Punk Taco vows to reunite his new young friend with his lost family. Along the way, Punk Taco is kidnapped for his inter-galactically famous nacho recipe and thrust into an inter-dimensional war with an evil tyrant hell-bent on universal domination. Together with the help of his friends, Punk Taco has to use his brains, heart, music, and the power of love to defeat the evil and hatred of this vile villain.

Punk Taco is a graphic novel series that encourages kids to read, laugh and love. Each volume contains a stand-alone story-line but also an overall arc that continues to develop its characters and the universe in which they reside. Punk Taco is appropriate for libraries, schools, and great for kids to read with their parents and caregivers.


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