ILLUS and DJ Johnny Juice: KaBOOM

ILLUS and DJ JOHNNY JUICE “KABOOM” with Original One of a Kind Sketch Art


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Product Description

The brand new album by ILLUS and DJ JOHNNY JUICE.

Order this version and get a hand drawn original one of a kind sketch drawing inside your CD package by Adam ILLUS Wallenta.

2. I Can (featuring Paul Dateh)
3. Say Less, Say More
4. Extraordinary League of HipHop Dads (featuring Headsnack, Brash, Venomous 2000 and Phashara)
5. Jack Kirby
6. Forever (featuring Apathy)
7. Believe
8. Extraordinary (featuring Blueprint)
9. Grapes of Wrath (featuring Craig G)
10. Beautiful thing (featuring Blueprint)
11. Brainwashed (featuring R.A. the Rugged Man and Chuck D)


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