New Projects Coming Soon!

Hey, Friends!

My recent music project “A Perfectly Imperfect Beautiful Naked Creation is officially complete. I have mailed out all of the CDs and rewards that were funded through Patreon and Kickstarter and I only have a handful of extra copies left.

I am currently working on launching a new publishing company that I have been working on for some time now. Because I am an independent creator and fund everything myself it has been slow going and there is still much work to do. In the next few weeks I hope to start sharing visuals and more information.

In the meantime I am working hard to raise money to help fund these new projects so I can pay editors, letterers, printers and more. If you love what I do there are two very simple ways you can help make a difference. 1. Go to my store and make a purchase. 2. Help spread the word and tell all of your friends about what I do.

Every day I will be posting up new original art for sale at incredibly low prices. I hope these pieces find good homes as they are all my creations and are meaningful to me. I have a goal to sell 10,000 copies of my new album by the end of the year. I have a few hard copies left so I am really pushing digital sales. Tell all your people to get it on iTunes or Amazon.

Every penny I raise goes right back into new projects. So please support if you can.

Thank you!


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