New ILLUS Kickstarter Project.

Hello, Friends!

I was feeling inspired by all of your support and I decided I wanted to do something fun and challenging just for you. Now most of you know, besides being an illustrator I am also a rapper, so I wanted to write a song about all the awesome people who have been supporting my music projects in recent years. Some rappers rap about how the greatness of material items like clothes, cars and other corporate sponsorships so I wanted to write a song about the awesomeness of my fans, friends and supporters. You can pledge as little as $1 and it will make a huge difference. If you pledge a mere $6 you will get all of my albums plus your name in the song and I will rap about you. I am also going to press up a limited edition vinyl album with the song on it and will hand illustrate the cover just for you. Check out more details and all the rewards HERE!. There’s only 15 days left so please make a pledge today and help me reach my goal. Thank you!

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