ILLUS: KaBOOM! New Video!

DJ Brans and I bugging out in NYC.

DJ Brans and I bugging out in NYC.

Hi, friends!

Here’s my latest video. If you dig it, please “like it” on Youtube and leave some positive comments for your good buddy here. It’s always really helpful if you share these things with as many people as you know as well. Word of mouth is essential for us independent creators and without you we can’t succeed.

Sometimes things take awhile to come to life. It was over two years ago that I recorded this song and shot this video but today it finally made it’s debut online.

This is one of those songs I really have fun reciting because of the flow and all of the comic book references. This was originally recorded for DJ Brans album but I am currently re-recording it with DJ Johnny Juice as a special remix that will be on our new album coming soon.

In the meantime if you don’t own any of my albums you can get signed CDs and vinyl from my STORE or online anywhere digital music is sold like iTunes.

Thanks for checking in!

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