How to Support PUNK TACO

Yesterday I was online promoting PUNK TACO and I direct messaged about 20 or so people I know in real life on Facebook. These people were a combination of actual family members and real-life associates. My message was simple- Can you share the link to our new Kickstarter campaign on Facebook and help promote PUNK TACO? At the time, almost everyone replied immediately and posted a message and the link, sharing it with all of their friends the Facebook algorithm allows them to see.

Within an hour or so I was banned from Facebook.

So here I am. An independent creator and publisher, working hard to get my book out there, trying to spread some joy through art and literature. I am not a Russian troll bot, or some big corporate entity that is constantly bombarding people with advertisements. Yet, Facebook’s brilliant computer scientists and their artificial intelligence algorithms can’t tell the difference between actual spammers and a real person reaching out to real friends asking for help. Oh well.

Sadly, as much as I loathe Facebook, it was a decent way to reach out to people directly and this will definitely hurt our campaign for now.

But you can help if you want.

If you are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit or any other hip, cool, social media app, my old brain is incapable of understanding, please share the link to the PUNK TACO Kickstarter campaign and also put in a good word for us to everyone you know. Posting the link is helpful, but including a message like “I love Punk Taco Volume 1 and I can’t wait for Volume 2 and you should get both” or something like that, will help encourage new readers to support. If you know people who love graphic novels, or have kids- reach out to them directly, because most likely they won’t see a random Facebook or Twitter post. Take 10 minutes and send an email to as man people as possible that you know in real life, and recommend the PUNK TACO series to them. This would be the best way to help. People love book recommendations and touching base with them directly is easy and effective.

In the meantime I will keep doing what I can and hopefully we can bring PUNK TACO 2 to life.

Here’s the LINK.

Thank you, all!



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