Greenhouse “This Is It” Music Video featuring Art by Adam Wallenta

GREENHOUSE consists of emcees Blueprint and Illogical. There new album “Bend But Don’t Break” just dropped and I highly recommend supporting it. Buy the album “Bend But Don’t Break” here. For more information check out Blueprint’s blog here.

I first met Blueprint through our mutual friend Paul Dateh several years ago. Since then Blueprint and I have developed a great working relationship, collaborating at the drawing table as well as on the mic. He’s one of the most professional people I have every worked with and extremely talented with great vision and skill. I have illustrated two of his books including “The Making of Adventures In Counter-Culture” as well as a couple cds such as “Deleted Scenes” and some posters for him. I hope to do even more for him in the future. We also collaborated on my song “EXTRAORDINARY” which Blueprint also produced and he will be a featured guest on my new album coming soon.

If you look closely at their new video “This Is It” you will see a new poster I illustrated for them. I love this video because it really illustrates the DIY, independent lifestyle that Blueprint and Illgocial represent. And you all know that is exactly how I roll.

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