2020 Ringo Award Nominations- Join Me and Help Get My Friend Nominated!

Dear Friends,

Last year, Thanks to all of you, our first PUNK TACO graphic novel, not only got nominated for a prestigious RINGO AWARD, but also won. It was one of the best days of my life as a professional comic book creator. To be honest, even though I truly believe we created a great book, I can’t believe we won and were in the company of such talented creators and amazing books.

Sadly, PUNK TACO 2 is not complete yet but I want to help out a friend of mine who poured his heart and soul into a book of his. Some of you know him and his story and some of you don’t.

His name is Chris Campana and I have been a champion of his work, since I first published one of his story’s way back in 1999.

I would like to help get Chris and his book, The Adventures of Parker Reef- To Save a Soul, nominated in the following Ringo Award categories.

Best Cartoonist: Chris Campana

Best Writer: Chris Campana

Best Artist or Penciller: Chris Campana

Best Single Issue of Story: The Adventures of Parker Reef- To Save a Soul.

Best Original Graphic Novel: The Adventures of Parker Reef- To Save a Soul.

There are several other categories, but I think Chris and his book best represent these. Feel free to submit choices for the others. This is the nomination process and the first step to helping Chris get recognized as the super talented comic book creator he is.

Please take a minute to fill out this form and help get Chris and his book nominated. Here is the link- RINGO AWARDS

Thank you for support independent comic books!

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