Hello, AWEsome People!

First off, I want to thank everyone who participated in my recent raffle. I really appreciate the support. I hope that everyone who purchased my discography, enjoys some of the songs. I’ve spent 20 years recording music and pouring my heart and soul into my lyrics, so it means a lot to me when people connect with them. To everyone who purchased a copy of Punk Taco, I hope you enjoy it as well. My son and I worked hard to create something fun that will put a smile on your face.

The idea for this raffle was to offer people something of value and not just a ticket (my music catalogue or a copy of Punk Taco) and if we could reach our goal, I would draw a lucky name and give them my entire comic book collection. I needed to set a goal because I honesty couldn’t give away my collection if only two people participated. Hopefully people understand that. I’ve been collection comics for 41 years, that’s a lot of books. The goal I set was based on the value of my collection and what I needed to raise, to invest in my new projects. When considering the goal, I also had to consider taxes and shipping and packaging. I definitely wasn’t trying to get over. Anyone who knows me, knows I work hard to foster long lasting relationships and it doesn’t do anything for me, to try and hustle anyone for a few dollars.

Unfortunately we didn’t do very well. At all. Maybe people felt the goal we had to reach was unattainable or unfair, so they didn’t participate or maybe they thought it was a scam. We didn’t even break 100 participants in total. Sad, I know.  There’s still a part of me that thinks we can make this happen though, so I am going to try another approach.

Sadly we didn’t sell enough copies of the discography.

I am going to sell a set number of digital raffle tickets for a mere $1 each (WHAT?!), and when they sell out, I will pick a winner. There will be no limited time frame like before. This might take off and go viral and sell out in a week or it may take a year. You will be able to keep track of our status in real-time by checking our stock inventory. Simple and easy.  Don’t worry, everyone that purchased my discography or a copy of Punk Taco are already entered. For every dollar you originally contributed, you will get a raffle ticket entry. If you want to purchase more, you are also free to do so. Obviously, the more tickets, the better chance you have at winning.

So… am I crazy? Does this sound like fun? Can we make it happen? If you believe like I do, Please click share the link and help spread the word. For a mere $1, everyone should participate.


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